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Flutter (2013)
Created by Megan V. Sprenger
Choreographed by Megan V. Sprenger in collaboration with the performers and with additional movement vocabulary provided by Megan Madorin, Kendra Portier, Yarden Raz and Alli Ruszkowski
Performed by Donna Cicchesi, Michael Ingle, Tara O'Con, Anna Adams Stark
Lighting Design by Joe Levasseur
Scenic Design by Brad Kisicki
Sound Composition by Jason Sebastian
Costume Design by Naomi Luppescu

Through the creation and presentation of Flutter, MVworks is exploring themes of individuality, vulnerability and compassion. Compositionally, Flutter places abstract movement next to, within, and following story-driven content. The interaction between these elements creates subtle plot lines that ebb and flow throughout the dance. Much of the movement for the work has been individually crafted for each performer based on their personality, preferences and habits.


Portrait Project
Photography byTerry Girard
Portraits of Michael Ingle, Tara O'Con, Kendra Portier, Yarden Raz, and Alli Ruszkowski

A companion project to Flutter, created in partnership with photographer Terry Girard. Searching for a deeper truth within each performer, Girard incorporates double exposure, digital, and Polaroid photography to accentuate each performers personality.

Click here to view the portraits on our blog.

Created and Performed by Megan V. Sprenger
Sections of movement created in collaboration with Tara O'Con, Kendra Portier, Yarden Raz, and Alli Ruszkowski

One-Shot is a web-based, solo performance relay, curated by Sarah Maxfield and produced in collaboration with Studio 5-2. Each participating artist receives six hours of rehearsal time at Studio 5-2, during which to create a solo performance specifically for the internet. Each web-based solo will premiere online and remain available in a web-based catalogue for performance-viewing at any time. This chain of archived presentations will be augmented by a blog, moderated by Sarah Maxfield, through which participating artists can discuss their experiences with the project, as well as their artistic work in general. One-Shot aims to maximize existing resources to spark creativity and community. One artist. One day. One take. Infinite possibilities.

...within us. (2009)
Choreographed by Megan V. Sprenger
Performed by Tara O'Con, Maria Parshina, Alli Ruszkowski, Richert Schnorr
Set Design by Brad Kisicki
Lighting Design by Joe Levasseur
Sound Design and Composition by Jason Sebastian
Costume Design by Mary McKenzie
Production Management by Aaron Rosenblum
Master Carpentry by Jason Laughlin
Carpentry by William Burns and Anthony Cerrato
Rigging by Bill Kennedy

Set in a 360 degree hyper-intimate environment with audience members integrated among the performers ?within us. breaks through spatial boundaries, invades personal space, and examines the human instincts that lay at the core of physical and emotional conflict. Inspired by the images of violence in Jacob Landau?s visual artwork and focusing on the repression that exists all over the world and across time periods, the performers act as both aggressor and inflicted. Creating palpable tension and relief, ?within us. continues mvworks? investigation of kinetic transfer through movement.

...within us. Downloads:
...within us. press release
...within us. Technical Rider

While Waiting (2008)
Choreography and Performance by Megan V. Sprenger

In an attempt to leave source and direction behind, this work investigates what happens if I just let myself dance.

No where (2007)
Choreography by Megan V. Sprenger
Performed by Maria Parshina,Tara O'Con and Alli Ruszkowski
Set Design by Brad Kisicki
Lighting Design by Joe Levasseur
Sounds Design Jason Sebastian
Costume Design by Mary McKenzie  

No where premiered at Performance Space 122 in May of 2007.

Using Pascal’s Triangle as compostitional structure and raw, unadorned, emotionally driven movement, the work takes you on an instinctual, methodical and ultimately irreversible journey toward personal discovery.

No Where Downloads:
No Where press release
No Where Technical Rider


Direction Lost (2006)
Choreography and Performance by Megan V. Sprenger
Orignal Music by the Peculiar Gentlemen
Costume Design by Mary McKenzie

An examination of the potential collaboration between mathematical theory and choreography. Using the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8…) and creating small simple movements, that when combined with the preceding motion, could create a phrase we created a work that grew into an examination of cycles. Always starting at the same place and ending further away with each new sequence, but inevitably only traveling in a circle.

system 1011 (2005)

Choreogprahy by Megan V. Sprenger
Performed by Ali Harmer, Rachel Borggia, Kate Enright, Annie Kloppenberg and Alli Ruszkowski
Costume Design by Megan V. Sprenger

A Site specific work created for Dance Theater Workshop's 40 Forward Birthday celebration. Set in a closet in the David R. White Studio, five performers, each moving within the structure of the Fibonacci Sequence, start slowly and gradually fill the closet with a fury of texture and movement.