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MVworks is grateful for the support of:
Dr. Marlin Adrian and Mrs. Marie Clark
Mr. Chris Ajemian and Ms. Sara Juli
Mr. and Mrs. Arnal
Ms. Ivy Baldwin
Dr. and Mrs. Francis Barbieri
Mr. and Mrs. Bosanac
Ms. Chloë Z. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Budd
Ms. Anna Carapetyan
Ms. Yanira Castro
Mr. and Mrs. Foy Clark
Mr. Jonathan Cristaldi
Mr. and Mrs. D'Augusta
Mr. Alberto Denis
Mr. and Mrs. Deshotel
Mr. Larry Dight
Mr. Andrew Dinwiddie
Ms. Amanda Drozer
Doris Duke Management Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gandolfo
Mr. and Mrs. PJ Gibbs
Mr. Terry Girard
Mr. Steve Grote and Ms. Sarah Maxfield
Mr. Ed Henry and Ms. Susan Monk
Mr. Larry Henry
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Herrstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Hockemeier
Mr. and Mrs. Holveck
Mr. Ryutaro Ishikane
Ms. Ginny Jackson
Mr. Jeff Kazin
Ms. Sarah Kermensky
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kleinberg
Ms. Annie Kloppenberg
Mr. Spero Larres
Mr. and Mrs. Magrini
Ms. Danielle Kravetz
Mr. Timothy Manahan and Dr. Julie Caucino
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mannheimer
Ms. Juliana May
Ms. Debi Silveus and Mr. Andrew McGayhay
Dr. and Mrs. Monaco
Mr. Christopher Monaco
Ms. Sara Nash
Ms. Krista Nelson
New York Neo-Futurists
Ms. Lisa Niedermeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Jens Obermueller
Mr. and Mrs. David Paolo
Ms. Kaitlyn Paolo
Mr. David Parker
Ms. Lynn Peterson
Ms. Tiffany Rea-Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Redelico
Mr. Brian Rogers and Ms. Sheila Lewandowski
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Romano
Mr. John Schnorr
Mr. Jason Sebastian
Ms. Martha Sherman
Ms. Andrea Sholler
Mr. James Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Sprenger
Ms. Jillian Sweeney
Ms. Catherine Tharin
Ms. Rachel Tiemann
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Unruh
Mr. and Mrs. James Washington
Ms. Carleigh Welsh
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Wingfield